Star Wars: Rebels and “Lost Missions”

It’s funny that though I am a big Star Wars fanatic, I’ve not really found the opportunity to really talk about the series on G33kPr0n until, well, now. And today, I find that I have a lot to talk about.

I’ll admit I’m mildly surprised, and at the same time not, that Star Wars: Rebels is still going to happen. Between Disney buying LucasFilm, LucasArts closing down, the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and especially the Lucasfilm Story Group’s “re-organization” of Star Wars canon into a potentially cohesive sense of continuity, I know that I assumed Rebels would just be another abandoned project. Aside from the introduction of the unidentified “Inquisitor” character, who seems to be a Dark Side Adept, member of the Inquisitorius and antagonist in the series, along the release of some really fascinating Imperial propaganda posters, nothing else was really known about the plot until recently with the revelation that one of the show’s lead characters will be a Jedi survivor of Order 66.

I’m not exactly sure what to think about it myself as a Star Wars fan. Even though Obi-Wan Kenobi’s exact words to Luke Skywalker were “Now the Jedi are all but extinct,” which doesn’t necessarily mean that he and Yoda are the last, this idea has been done before. In fact, if you look at the character he is kind of reminiscent of a young General Rahm Kota from The Force Unleashed games. Even the idea of the Inquisitor being an agent sent by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights is eerily similar to the tasks that he entrusted to his own secret apprentice Starkiller. Of course, these characters are different in and of themselves and there will be other main characters to consider as well. But a former Jedi as a gunslinger with perhaps looser morals could be interesting to watch in action. And the forces of evil can never have too many minions. I just hope they will give this Inquisitor a name of his own.

But while Star Wars: Rebels isn’t a lost mission, The Clone Wars are. “The Lost Missions” are thirteen previously unreleased episodes of the cancelled Season Six which will premiere on Netflix in North America on March 7. I myself had mixed feelings about the program itself, but I will admit that its teaser scenes in the trailer below are very intriguing when taken in themselves.

What do a “malfunctioning” clone trooper, a mischievous AWOL ancient Jedi Grand Master, an unknown bounty hunter, and a lightsaber found in the dusty remains of an abandoned ship with ominous Dark Side music in the background all have in common?

For now, just a common sense of mystery and one that many fans will look forward to exploring.

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