My name is Matthew Kirshenblatt. As a writer and blogger I am what the stories I choose to read, the games I chose to play, the music I chose to listen to and the experiences I’ve had and created made me. I am also my own creations: though they are distinct from me.

This blog itself ultimately came from a personal creative writing challenge and promise that I set for–and made to–myself years ago to get myself to keep and hone my writing: a space where I planned to create writing sketches, whole stories and occasional journal entries.

What it has become, however, is a place where I write a lot of journal and creative opinion entries: with focus on mixed media reviews, thoughts, story-writing, world-building and the creative process. So I hope that whatever you find in here will at the very least be entertaining.

You can also find some more of my articles at the Sequart Research & Literacy Organization and GeekPr0n.

Please help support my writing by funding me on my Patreon account. You will get some goodies out of it, I promise you.


(Thank you Hillbilly Zen: http://hillbillyzen.com/)

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(Thank you Michael: http://michaelallanleonard.wordpress.com/)

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