Level Up: In a video game world, an experienced player character modified to the point of almost being unplayable, has to make a choice when an infected upgrade threatens his student player character and their game-world. My first attempt at a Twine story and one that I created at Christine Love’s Twine Workshop at WordPlay. This was posted on the Hand-Eye Society’s site as well.

Haunted: You find yourself in a place of ghosts and memories. In order to progress, you must collect objects from different times and decide what the end result of this haunting will truly be. This is an exercise in “choose your own adventure” game-making using elements of autobiography and dreamscape fantasy. It is an interactive story where you must go to different places in the past and determine just what kind of ghosts you are going to want to deal with.

The Treasure of La-Mulana: Lemeza Kosugi embarks on perhaps his greatest archaeological expedition ever: into the highs and depths of his own life. This was my first ever Twine fanfic and it was supposed to be set between the events of NIGORO’s La-Mulana and the upcoming La-Mulana 2.

The Looking Glass: A mark appears on a wall: a rift to a space that could allow you to leave the world, transform it, or change you. You are Agent Red and the time has finally come. It is time to make a choice. This was a longer and more complex “choose your own adventure” game created during the Toronto Global Game Jam of 2014 and is also featured on my GGJ profile.

Finding Alyssa: Holden McNeil watches the last Star Wars prequel for the very first time and, as he does so, events from his past catch up with him … and his chase is finally over. This interactive story was originally created to be a snarky comic Twine fanfic splicing scenes from George Lucas’ Revenge of the Sith and Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy together, but then it became something else entirely.

Displacement: A semi-autobiographical Twine narrative that attempts to illustrate one person’s observations and experiences with reality through the lens of being learning disabled.

Zero: In this Matrix homage and fanfic, someone made their choice between humanity and the Machines a long time ago. For every 1 in binary code, there is a 0. This is a Twine adaptation of a story I wrote both on Mythic Bios and A03: dedicated to someone I used to talk with about sympathetic A.I., once.

Goodbye, Alicia: In SquareSoft’s Live A Live, and in other games and in life, there is only person that you should be fighting for. Made in 2019, right after Philome was Archived.

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