You And I have Unfinished Business: Tarantino Reveals The Whole Bloody Affair

They say there is just so much carnage that you can pack into one film. Director Quentin Tarantino doesn’t agree as he plans to release an uncut version of Kill BillThe Whole Bloody Affair.

Many fans of Tarantino’s Kill Bill already know that the two volumes of the film were meant, by its creator’s conception, to be one movie. What’s more is that there were quite a few deleted scenes: including the animated sequence in the film with O-Ren Ishii killing both the crime boss and the assassin that murdered her parents. That particular animation was supposed to be thirty minutes long: making the film in its entirety roughly four hours.

What is also fascinating to consider is that what would be called The Whole Bloody Affair was, in fact, shown to audiences before. It was shown at the New Beverly Cinema as the original print which, in turn had been shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003 complete with its French subtitles still intact. It even has a musical intermission between parts. The only difference is that the original print doesn’t have the extended animation sequence that Ghost in the Shell animators I.G. didn’t completely finish in time for the original release of the film. Germain Lussier’s /Film article ‘Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair’ Has Small Changes That Produce Big Results goes into some considerable detail as to what the original print was like compared to the two volumes that we all know now.

And it was during this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con and in an interview with Collider that Tarantino himself not only announced that he would be adding the whole animated sequence by I.G. into his film, but that The Whole Bloody Affair will be released “with limited theatrical engagement” by 2015. 

But while fans are probably elated by this news, a “limited engagement” seems to entail that it will only have a select few movie theatre showings: at least initially. And I’m sure there are many more fans that look forward to a DVD release of this film: myself included.

Either way, Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair is definitely some unfinished business that many will look forward to seeing.

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