A Work in Progress and Site Updates

Which is exactly what I am calling this Blog. After spending an afternoon yesterday toggling around with WordPress, I have managed to add what I think will be automatic posting to my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as well as allowing other people using the two applications, along with tumblr and such to follow me and even post comments. I am not sure if this is the case, but that is the assumption that I’m working on. I do wish I could make this compatible with BlogSpot links (because I know a lot of people on there) and such, but I am technologically challenged and I have to deal with one thing at a time.  I am still confused about the Publicize option to gain more traffic here (WordPress explains Sharing more easily and it is supposed to be a little more involved), but I might still be able to do something with that with my future posts.

One thing that I know I did, however, was allow the creation of an Email Subscription Button on here. So if anyone wants to follow me by email, the button is on the lower right side of the screen under the other buttons. I would definitely–and always do–appreciate the visit.

Doing these things yesterday has hit home the fact that there is still a lot I have to do with this Blog: particularly with regards to its aesthetic. I have, at this time, no idea how to approach making my Blog either more fancier or making a simple and elegant style of my own. I do want to customize it a bit, but like I said I am still trying to figure out how to go about it. Also, to be honest, I am more interested in writing things on here than I am about working on appearances, but I also know that tailoring my Blog’s appearance to suit its personality (whatever that is) is also more key in making more my own. And look at this way: you get to watch me learn with this application too along with my writing.

I had planned to do some writing on here today, but stuff has come up and we will have to see if that will still happen. In the meantime, let’s see if I can further this experiment a little more.

ETA: I am also considering fully completing my Twitter account, though I am still up in the air about it as well as revising my About section or my profile. We shall see.

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